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This whole journey is about you, but let me tell you just a little bit about me and what we do here. 

 Hi, I’m Tommy. Your friendly local nutritionist. I’ve been a qualified nutritionist since 2014 & during lockdown I started helping people with their own physical and mental health.

Through nutrition, systems, habits and motivational techniques  have mastered and learned from some of the best minds in the industry, my own mentors and my own real world transformation, i believe I am perfectly placed to help you with your goals. 

Everything we do here is evidence based, I’m the only business in the world that will be gled when you leave, it means i have educated you and you are confident enough to navigate your nutrition without me! 

Did you know? Weight watchers has an 84% return rate in clients? It’s because they set you up to fail! Once you graduate from our programmes, we never expect to see you again! Please though, do tell your friends and family how you got those life changing results!!!


step 1

Fill in the coaching application form and tell us a little bit about you and your goals, we want to make sure we are a good fit. 

step 2

You will be re-directed to book a consultation call with me, this is to allow us to get to know you further, find out what is driving your desire for change and really build a tailored nutrition plan for your lifestyle. 

step 3

We decide the best coaching plan for you based on our call, we send you the sign up link and we get to work on your plan. We ask for 72 hours from time of sign up, anyone can make a cookie cutter plan in an hour, that’s not what we do here. 

step 4

You will be notified when your plan is ready, we will arrange one final onboarding call to show you the software and go over any last minute questions you may have. 

step 5

The final piece in the puzzle. Coaching begins, habits change, your new lifestyle starts to build. Welcome to your new chapter – Welcome to Chapter One!


OUr success progamme

what is the success programme?



 Anyone can give you a meal plan, you can literally ‘Google it’ and it will churn one out for you in a matter of seconds from a couple of random bits of info you type into the search engine. Here’s the thing, when you are on that meal plan, you will likely lose weight(providing you are in a calorie deficit). 

BUT what happens when you get bored of that plan or life gets in the way? Let me tell you.. 64% of people end up back where they started, often worse because nothing has changed!!


We teach you how to build habits, systems and routines that compliment your current lifestyle, that lead to that dream body without having to give up any of the foods you love and without having to be ‘on a diet’.

We have been conditioned to believe foods are good or bad, what if i told you there are no good or bad foods? What if I told you you can eat pizza. drink wine and still have the body you have always desired? The body the magazines told you could only exist if you ate superfoods and seeds for breakfast? 

That is the success Programme!

Throughout the 12 weeks you will be assigned weekly homework tasks, some will be on your own education of nutrition, others fall under personal development and mindset, they all come together to allow you transform your mind and your body so you never need to go ‘on a diet’ again!

By the time you graduate, we never expect to see you again!

(Please though, do tell your friends about us – believe me when I say, there will be so many questions on how you achieved your dream body eating foods you enjoy).



 To educate you on my decisions and on sustainable change.

To virtually hold your hand when you need it. 

-To call you out on your excuses when you need it. 

To hold you accountable to doing what you said you would do.

To help create habits, routines and systems that compliment your life.

To support you and our community 

Lifechanging results.



Be honest, even when you fall off track. 

 Show up, every single day. 

 Meet me halfway, it is not my job to chase you, it is my job to get you results. 

Ask questions, it will help your education.

 Check in at the agreed weekly time slot. 

To Trust the Process. 

To do the work.  

It all sounds great, how does it work?

After our consulation and sign up, you receive your own personal log in to our client tracking software and we carry out a live onboarding call, our hope is to build a relationship that lasts so we know you are comfortable with our expectations and you can ask abiut anything you are unsure of. 

Once you are familiar, you check in on a weekly basis through a success progress that allows us to give you weekly feedbac and review the week. 

Every fortnight we check in live for a clarity call to ensure you are on track and we are making progess! I am with you every step of the way!

For less than £25 per week, you can change your life. 

Some people said it was presumptious but we say there is a valid reason its named The Success Programme!

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

In Lockdown 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, I founded Chapter One Consultancy. Since 2016 I listened, I learned, I followed my own self development journey but there was always something missing.

My confidence, I had lost myself and felt I never had the time to remember who I was, when the Uk Government locked the country down due to Covid-19, that time I felt I never had was staring me in the face.

I entered into a fat loss journey(losing 5 stone in 17 weeks) and I implemented all the learning I had done over the previous years, added with my new found confidence to re-write my life and discover my future.

I couldn’t let that thought go and I couldn’t cope with my social media inboxes overflowing, people were asking how? Why? What is the secret?

Our Mission is to arm you with all of the tools, expertise and systems to become 1% better every day, whether in life or in business, we’ve got you covered.

So here we are…

Welcome to Chapter One.

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