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Lots of companies or groups now offer wellness programs to their employees, members or even their children. We give advice that will actually have an impact on health, energy levels and lower sickness, our approach is truly Evidence based and will be something you have never seen or heard before!

There are many Nutritionists or Wellness Gurus who will offer to visit,  however much of their information is Generic, cookie cutter, often incorrect, outdated and boring, resulting in little or no return on your investment.

Employees are under constant pressure to perform better, meet deadlines, answer quicker and more creatively than ever. Employee performance is key to any business success.

We offer tailor made programs to meet your specific requirements delivered via corporate nutrition workshops, seminars and individual consultations for those who may benefit from it most.

We understand that investing in your employees health & wellbeing can be daunting, it’s a commitment and investment to be the very best, that is why we inspire and motivate, engage and offer unrivalled practical solutions that can be actioned straight away.

We also understand the time and cost to your business to allow employees to attend, however we believe you will get that investment back 10X over, staff firing on all cyclinders can deliver far greater for your business than staff operating at 60%.



Our objective is to truly deliver an effective and practical wellness program for your whole team.  We motivate. We Inspire. We Change Lives.


Stop procrastinating in an attempt to get thing perfect. Eat that Frog(not literally).


The amount you grow is directly correlated with the amount of uncomfortable conversations you are willing to have.

COrporate athlete

Imagine that your senior management team performed like elite level athletes. Ask us why, we will tell you how!


Hold yourself to a higher standard than anyone else would ask of you whilst keeping the business needs above your own. Every piece of the puzzle has the opportunity to function and fit better.


Try Our Trademarked Process


I was half way reading Johan Harri’s book, I read the same 9 pages over and over of lost connections, it was part of my journey into discovering more about anxiety and depressions as I educated myself on the ‘Lost connections’

That’s when it hit me, when I’m out in nature, with the fresh air, I think better, I feel better, my head is clearer, this is walking coaching!

Lets leave the boardroom behind, lets walk & talk & learn as we literally go step by step through your thoughts and feelings towards your business, your ideas and your growth!

Let your mind and your thoughts run wild as we plan and prepare for whats coming next, whilst taking in the stunning views of your local countryside.

‘I found walking to be the perfect tonic to my natural reluctance to let go: I’m not sure I would have been as open had we been stuck in an office surrounded by visual reminders of work. It was a revelation for me!”

A study tested the effect of walking outdoors and found 100% of those who walked outdoors were more creative than those sitting indoors. If you want to learn more about the Stanford study, there is a TED talk about it I’d be happy to share.

The results really are compelling:

  • Walking enhanced creative ideation when compared to sitting
    • Walking increased the talkativeness of participants, which was linked to their creativity
    • Walking outside produced the most novel and highest quality insights
    • The increased mental effect occurred not only during the walk itself, but also shortly after when participants sat down again to work.

If you want to walk with me, get in touch today, *currently offering socially distanced walks.

Seminars and workshops


Here are a few examples of bespoke nutrition programs and workshops that we have presented for our company clients that were needed to suit their workforce needs:

Maximising energy levels through a healthy diet

Eating for weight loss

  1. Choosing a healthy and convenient lunch on the go


  1. Keeping well through winter months 
  3. Nutritionally coping with stress 
  5. Keeping the family healthy 
  7. Living with diabetes


What platforms can we offer?

We offer many different platforms to help communicate optimal nutrition & Lifestyle coaching to busy individuals

  • Lectures (50+ delegates), seminars (10-50 delegates), workshops (max 15 delegates; ideal for either super keen individuals or those most in need) 
  • 1-2-1 (ideal for key individuals who need intensive 1-2-1 assistance – See also our Executive coaching) 
  • Snack tables with ideal snack ideas 
  • Provide snack kits for each delegate
  • Posters and handouts 
  • Nutritional analysis and calorie labelling in canteens 
  • Consultancy on company menus and snack trolleys 


Lifestyle Policy for the workplace


We can also tailor a fully bespoke experience to meet all of your requirements, please get in touch today and speak with our Evidence based team.



Do you want a super charged approach to reach your next level of success?

Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make – you can keep those results forever and you will own that value, always.

I will not promise you success; I will not promise you results. How much work you put in is ultimately up to you.  What I can promise is to hold up your power even when you forget to believe in yourself. I will promise to see you in your power even when circumstances “appear” to be out of your control. I promise that I will call you out on your bullshit. I won’t let you hide behind excuses but I will do all of this with compassion, respect, and authenticity so you really discover who you are and what you want from your life and your business.

With my 1:1 coaching, we work in 12-week commitment cycles. Outstanding results don’t happen overnight. If you’re serious about rapid personal and business growth – let’s talk!

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

In Lockdown 2020, in the midst of a global pandemic, I founded Chapter One Consultancy. Since 2016 I listened, I learned, I followed my own self development journey but there was always something missing.

My confidence, I had lost myself and felt I never had the time to remember who I was, when the Uk Government locked the country down due to Covid-19, that time I felt I never had was staring me in the face.

I entered into a fat loss journey(losing 5 stone in 17 weeks) and I implemented all the learning I had done over the previous years, added with my new found confidence to re-write my life and discover my future.

I couldn’t let that thought go and I couldn’t cope with my social media inboxes overflowing, people were asking how? Why? What is the secret?

Our Mission is to arm you with all of the tools, expertise and systems to become 1% better every day, whether in life or in business, we’ve got you covered.

So here we are…

Welcome to Chapter One.

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