About Me

I’m not a big fan of talking about myself but what you will read here is that I am qualified to help you.

I’m Tommy McNee

Firstly, I am a father to 3 beautiful kids, aged 12, 6 & 2 & almost everything i do is centred around them, although i truly believe we must all still make time for ourselves. 

Secondly, I am a Nutrition & Lifestyle consultant & I believe my purpose is to be the very best I can be, so I can help you to be the very best you can be too.

Whether its through Nutrition, lifestyles, habits or systems, I have the expertise, the knowledge and the history to guide you to becoming a better version of who you are now.

I know how you feel…

I was told by a Doctor my blood pressure was a health concern due to being morbidly obese for my height, i am 5ft 8 and a half inches(the half is really important to me), from this I developed health anxiety and have spent some time dealing with that and processing what health anxiety and mental health actually were, and why it is so important we speak up about that.

I’ve been were you are now, ‘too busy’, ‘overwhelmed’, ‘too stressed’, ‘not enough time’, it lead me to making poor decisions with my diet, poor lifestyle choices and ultimately it made me lose who i was.

I remember vividly cancelling social occasions, I’d literally stress all week about what i would wear, on the day my whole wardrobe of clothes would be thrown all over the floor as each item i tried on ‘didn’t sit right’.

I’ve experienced all the self doubt, the imposter syndrome and i’ve been on my own journey of discovery, so I am perfectly placed to help you re-write your life and discover your future. 

Forget every ‘diet’ you’ve tried before… Welcome to Chapter One.


Beautiful Kids


Reasons To Do Better

Lives changed forever


I always thought who you are and what you are ‘about’ was determined by your why. When I became a father to my daughter at 20 years old,  I automatically believed my why was formed and everything I’d do from that point onwards would be for my daughter and now my 2 sons.

I never really delved any further into ‘my why’. After all, I was a dad. Isn’t every parent’s why their children?

I started to question certain decisions I was making, thinking a little deeper than before.  ‘My why’ wasn’t really working. I had goals and ambitions like everyone else, and like everyone else, I was doing nothing about them.

Then right out of the blue it hit me, with the power of Mike Tyson it smacked me right in the face!

I am my why, not my kids, not my job, not my thoughts, it’s just me!

If I am the very best version of myself, then I can be the best father, the best husband, the best friend, the best manager, the best entrepreneur, the best podcaster, the best me!

Since I discovered this,  I am driving at a faster pace than before to exceed my goals, my targets and smashing everything else that is put in my way, I have never been more driven.


“I am my why, not my kids, not my job, not my thoughts, it’s just me.”

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