The analogy that everyone’s life is a unique jigsaw puzzle that we are blindly building, is the perfect way to explain so many fundamental things. That we’re all fiddling around with different pieces trying to figure out how to create the Jigsaw in its perfect form – Just like it shows us on the box.

It should be easy right? The box gives us the ideology of how the jigsaw should look, all perfectly aligned with the most beautiful image once all 1000 pieces are place together in their rightful place.

Life is exactly like building a jigsaw puzzle, it can be hard to picture and imagine the finished article, sometimes pieces don’t fit and sometimes you can even lose a piece and spend years trying to find it.

Have you got a 1000 piece jigsaw in the cupboard at home?

Does it look almost impossible to complete as its scattered everywhere and you don’t know where to start?

Just start with the corner pieces.. then the piece in from the corner and work towards the centre piece.

The centre piece is your end goal, when all those pieces are scattered it can be impossible to envisage ever reaching that centre piece, however, I promise that piece by piece the jigsaw will take shape and the impossible will become possible, simply by starting with the corner pieces!

Everything can be going so well with your Jigsaw, then it throws a curve ball, you lose a piece, or your kids rip it up from the table, those hurdles make it easy to throw away all the hard work already done and put the Jigsaw back in its box.

When you stare at the pieces and they become a blur, step back from the Jigsaw, take a break and clear your mind, often the piece you need will be staring right at you.

Each piece of the puzzle takes you 1 small step further towards your goal!

Jigsaw tips –
1. Get started
2. Find the easiest pieces first
3. Don’t try to do it all at once
4. Step back from time to time, clear your head and re-evaluate.
5. It won’t happen overnight.

If this sounds familiar, it may be time to open the Jigsaw, this time with a plan.

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