Compassionate & scientifically proven nutrition coaching to take you towards your goals. You don’t have to give up your life or the foods you love, we make the complex sound simple. We take away all the mis-information, fake news & fad diets. Using tried & tested methods that educate our members, bring success and quite literally change lives.


Some of the biggest issues affecting productivity amongst workforces today are low energy, high levels of stress, poor sleep and compromised mental wellbeing.  We are highly skilled in addressing these key areas of health. Our one hour, half-day or full-day workshops can take your employees through each of these issues, simplifying the scientific nutrition concepts and translating this into practical advice that will support your employees in making suitable changes leading them to their ultimate wellbeing goals.  


What started out as an obsession to become 1% better every day, is now a weekly podcast on how you can be too. Chats with chapter one brings about conversations with business leaders, motivational speakers, social media influencers & beyond. Take away key learnings from successful people and with Tommy on the 15 minute golden nugget episodes.


All our learnings from the worlds of productivity, habits, business & lifestyle in one beautiful monthly blog post. Key learnings taken from the world leaders in their fields. Sign up to our newsletter for an additional chapter(see what we did there?) once per month.

It all starts with a Conversation